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Abruzzo Transport

How to get to Abruzzo
Transport Abruzzo

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Abruzzo is located in Central Italy. It stretches from the heart of Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. The beaches are long and sandy to the north and there are pebbly beaches to the south. The small villages in Abruzzo are very charming and a part of many “touristic routes” in Italy. The provinces of the regions are: L’Aquila (regional capital), Pescara, Teramo and Chieti. 
Transport in Abruzzo
Lake Bomba

There are 3 main motorways that connect Abruzzo with the rest of the Italian cities. To drive on the motorway you will be charged a toll for your journey.
A14 – This motorways runs from Bologna into the North, through Bari into the South and it also runs through each of Abruzzo’s coastal provinces
A24 – This motorway runs from Rome through Teramo via L’Aquila
A25 – This runs from L’Aquila to Pescara


There are three main airports from where you can get to Abruzzo, two in Rome and one in Pescara.
Pescara’s Airport is located in Abruzzo and it is served by low-cost flights such as Ryan Air. The airport is located 3km from the city Pescara. You can fly direct to Abruzzo from many European cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Eindhoven, Oslo, Prague and Tirana. From the Airport you can hire a taxi, it will take 10 minutes’ drive to Pescara centre. However, it will be very expensive if you hire the taxi to Lanciano which will cost you about €80. You can catch the bus, which is a cheaper way to get to Pescara centre. The coach n. 38 goes from Pescara Airport terminal to Pescara Centre every 15 minutes (Single trip € 1,10). From Pescara Centre you can go to the train station (the bus terminal is outside the train station) and catch the bus or the train to Lanciano. The journey from Pescara to Lanciano will take one hour by bus and 45 minutes by train. The costs for the bus or train are €3 - €5.
The airports in Rome (Ciampino, Fiumicino) are international Airports. Rome Ciampino Airport is served by low-cost flights. From Rome Ciampino Airport you can catch the to Lanciano. The journey will take 3hrs 50min it costs approximately €26 - €40 and it goes 4 times a day.
From Rome Fiumicino Airport you can catch two different busses. DiCarloBus costs approximately €18 - €29, it will take 3hrs 34min and it goes twice daily. ProntoBus goes 4 times a day, the journey will take 4hrs 22min and it costs approximately €27 - €40.

Updated November 2016
Pescara Airport flies to;

Londra Stansted (STN)
Francoforte Hahn (HHN)
Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY)
Bruxelles Charleroi (CRL)
Bucarest (OTP)
Milano Linate (LIN)
Parigi Beauvais (BVA)
Torino (TRN)
Skiing in Abruzzo
Rafting in Abruzzo

There are several trains every day from Lanciano to Pescara and from Pescara to Lanciano (Single ticket: €3,30).
Busses from Naples to Lanciano
12:30 – 16:40     Naples Central Station -> Lanciano         4hr 10min           Autoservizi Serella
18:00 – 22:10     Naples Central Station -> Lanciano         4hr 10min           Autoservizi Serella
Busses from Lanciano to Naples
05:10 – 09:20     Lanciano -> Naples Central Station         4hr 10min           Autoservizi Serella
13:10 – 17:20     Lanciano -> Naples Central Station         4hr 10min           Autoservizi Serella
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